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☆About this community☆

This community focusses on several more or less known Visual Kei indies bands and I keep them all in one comm because there's no sense in starting single ones for each band. There are two things I'm aware of. Several of these bands disbanded already and there also are comms for few of them. Nevertheless I have my reasons to include them. For both points it's simply because I keep track of the members and will use this community to inform about future activities.
I keep posting to just myself because I just want to focus on the listed bands. If anyone of you wants to contribute though, let me know about it in an LJ message.
The community name might seem unrelated but there's a simple reason behind it. I have a place where I keep all my supportive and promotive activities together, it's called 黒い霊魂の応援集結所 (Kuroi Reikon no ouen shuuketsusho). Of course this community shall be related to it, that's why I named it after it. Usually it's something related to the band the comm is supporting, at least if it's about comms I do maintain but that doesn't work out for this comm.


★ Keep all comments related to this comm's bands, the members and their music!
★ No comments containing negative or harmful rumours concerning this comm's bands!
★ Don't repost anything out of the community, who wants to get what has been posted needs to come here!
★ Don't promote other communities! Advertise only, if it's related to this comm's bands!
★ Please don't hotlink any pics or graphics!
★ Be nice to each other! No flaming!
★ It's not allowed to comment and/or request any media that actually must be paid for to get it!
★ No linking to friends only journals/communities or to sites that require registration!
★ Please support the bands as much as you can!


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All layout and graphic work by 黒。.
All pictures rights belong to the respective bands.
黒い霊魂の応援集結所's graphics by 黒。.
Don't take any graphic without asking me for permission FIRST!


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