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18th-Nov-2012 03:33 am - [sticky post] Comm related announcement
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I think most of you (who still check here) recognized that LJ gets abandoned more and more.
All those DDoS attacks of last year made a lot of people leave to other social sites. And with the recent plans/changes even more people will leave.
With all this I don't see a reason for all the technical updates over here. To be honest, I don't know, if there's anyone still checking the comm.
That's why I decided to stop promotion at LJ.
The comm will remain, I won't delete it.
And it's still possible to post entries, I'll keep maintaining them. Same goes for adding new comm members, if there's still interest. I hope I won't miss notifications, if it takes me more than two or three days feel free to send me a reminding message.

Stopping at LJ, the place I started promotion more than four years ago, doesn't mean, I completely stop promoting.

I put all the bands I promote together in a project named 黒い霊魂の応援集結所 (short: Kuroi Reikon or KR). There are other places as well where I spread stuff and I decided to focus on my official blog at Ameba and my homepage. Information will be posted there. News mainly at Ameba. I have a few sections in the homepage that I regularly update and I will go on with this as I did in the past.

Feel free to follow me at one (or more) of the following sites:
黒い霊魂の応援集結所 homepage
黒い霊魂の応援集結所 official blog
黒い霊魂の応援集結所 Facebook page
黒い霊魂の応援集結所 Twitter


I'm sorry, if you find this message more than once on your FL, I've crossposted this to all the comms I own.
16th-Nov-2012 10:55 pm - GANGLION mail magazine
To keep track with their activities you can sign up for GANGLION's mail magazine.
All you need to do is entering your e-mail-address at their web site in the sidebar on the left.
Besides the generell information each of the members always writes a comment. ^^
16th-Nov-2012 10:49 pm - ex.NIL VANISH ba.琥珀 new band
琥珀's (Kohaku's) session band 琥珀バンド (Kohaku band) that has been playing several time throughout almost one year changed to the formal band Awakelight on November 5th at 福岡 博多graf (Fukuoka Hakata graf).
Members are:
vo.陽 (You)
gt.結弦 (Yuzuru)
ba.琥珀 (Kohaku)
dr.晃葵 (Kohki)

Awakelight OHP
It's already been a while since the band came up with the announcement that their vo.煌 (Kou) left because of health problems.

But on the good side, the band moves on and has not just one but two new vocalists, 73 (Nami) and lim. They seemingly joined this month.

You can follow them here at Ameba:
Chami (seemingly Asami changed to Chami)

The only thing that's confusing to me now is their sponsored event on 2013.02.10 at 心斎橋 club ALIVE! (Shinsaibashi club ALIVE!). It's named 「GoDeath最初で最後の主催ライブ」. I don't really understand the title but actually the second part says 'last sponsored live'. And since it's still a while until it takes place I'm a bit confused, if they plan on stopping activities. I hope they won't. They just got those new vocals and have been around for quite some time, went through so many changes in the past. Actually ALi is the only original member, if I'm not mistaken.
After no noticeable activity since December 2011 クロxヒメ will have a live on December 14th at 大阪・西九条BRAND NEW (Osaka Nishikujou BRAND NEW).
To be honest I already wondered, if they disbanded without an announcement about it.
Gt.流人 (Ryuto) is in ムジナ (Mujina) for quite a while already and vo.m is in a new band named. dr.trantula since June. Ba.るか is also playing in sessions like at least once a month.

So it's great seeing they're still active as クロxヒメ.
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